Teaching Children About Friendship

Using what we hear in news reports today regarding bullying within the schools, it’s obvious that people need to return to the fundamentals and educate children this is of friendship. There’s a problem if junior high school and students are attacking teachers and citizens. Let us return to school and start again.

Recall the poem about learning everything we have to know in existence from school? What about what we should learned in Sunday School in the golden rule? How did we obtain from watching Sesame Street to winding up in the news?

In the past year in Baltimore alone, I’ve come across in the news tales about teens attacking teachers within the classroom, citizens on the bus, bullying on the web and fights in schools. We’ve observed shootings in Colorado and Virginia. Tales like these have happened nationwide.

Whether a young child may be the one bullying or just being victimized we have to educate and guide them into healthy relationships. When we don’t, the long run as adults could include domestic violence or even the justice system. Area of the problem might be that typically, sufficient adult supervision isn’t given. Parents today are battling simply to pay the bills and could be unable to afford day programs. Some parents need to work two jobs. In certain situations, poor parenting skills leave kids to look after themselves.

If you’re able to educate your kids about friendship while they’re small and then guide them, they’ll find out about healthy relationships. Set the instance by modeling behavior in your actions.

1. Avoid making degrading comments about others in the existence of your kids.

2. Strengthen your child with introductions.

3. Supervise playtime and know other children as well as their parents.

4. Use games and academic tools that educate interaction.

5. Understand what your kids are watching on tv and video games.

I had been fortunate to become home using the children when they were in grade school. I labored nights and weekends when my hubby was home. By senior high school, they wanted their independence and so i could not be around them whatsoever occasions. I can not predict or control the long run, however i attempted to provide them a basis. I labored in their schools, required these to church and it was involved with their activities. I intervened if needed and gave them space when they have to grow. If you’re able to educate your kids fundamental skills about friendship, they’ll understand how to treat others and just what they are able to expect in exchange.